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Preschool Education and Playgroups

The center offers classes and services tailored for children with varying needs. Our students range from children who are typically developing but need just a little support, to children with behavioral and/or sensory challenges, social challenges (such as circle time, sharing, and following directions), diagnosis of autism or autism-related deficits, or other diagnoses and related special needs.

We provide a free initial consultation for families to determine family priorities and concerns. A global assessment of child’s developmental and academic readiness is recommended prior to admission. Parents are welcome to join in with their child, ask questions at any time, browse through the resource library, or chat with other parents.

Pyramid PreK Early Learning Center

PYRAMID PREK is located in Logan Square/Avondale neighborhood. Based on the child development pyramid, the program addresses the often neglected tier of sensory motor stability, which support upper tiers of fine motor, cognition, and social-emotional development. To keep students motivated and engaged, developmental and academic challenges are designed individually according to each child’s abilities. Multidisciplinary teaching strategies (e.g., DIR/Floor Time or ABA/Applied Behavior Analysis) and modalities such as Therapeutic Listening and Interactive Metronome are available to our enrolled students. Our program strives to help students develop the academic, social, and developmental skills necessary to be successful learners in typical elementary classroom settings.

Additional information and enrollment packets for the upcoming programs are available now!

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Playgroups + Classes

Our playgroup program is unique in that these are small and intensive classes (6 children maximum) taught by credentialed therapists with a 1-2 teacher/child ratio maximum. Therapists focus on helping children organize, attend to verbal cues, and participate in structured activities for improving skills in communication, socialization, creativity & self-expression, rhythm & movement. The classes are particularly helpful for children who may still be learning language skills or have difficulty socializing with their peers.


Strictly Speech
Building language through natural interactions and experiences with peers; appropriate for children with speech disorders or articulation delays and language delays (trouble understanding or sharing thoughts, ideas, feelings and needs).Lead Therapist: Laura Henehan, MS CCC-SLP/L
2-4 years





Social Friends
Designed to help school-aged children engage with their peers and follows rules related to games and transitions; activities such as games, ice breakers, music, and movement are utilized to promote problem solving and learn coping mechanisms.Lead Therapist: Allison Albers, MA CCC-SLP/L
5-7 years
Picky Eaters
Speech Pathologist certified in SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) helps your child develop a positive perception of mealtime in a fun and relaxed group setting while increasing food repertoire and tolerance of different tastes and textures and decreasing tactile and oral aversions. Home-based, individualized feeding therapy in addition to the group available upon request.
Lead Therapist: Allison Albers, MA CCC-SLP/L

2 years

and up

Modulation and Movement
Ideal for children who have trouble interacting in physical environments properly, this group utilizes movement to help children regulate their emotions in a positive, functional way. While the physical therapist works with your child on challenging gross and fine motor activities, our behavior therapist encourages self-esteem and work to help children self-regulate. Lead Therapists: Katey Larson, DPT and Kate Whitehead, MA BCBA
4-8 years
Circle of Security
Attachment and bonding between a parent and child is crucial in the progression of their social and
emotional development. This class works with parents on developing and sustaining a
positive relationship with their children to foster a secure attachment and create a responsive, respectful, reciprocal relationship with their child. Lead Therapist: Carol Robinson, MA CCC-SLP/L

0-3 years

and Early Intervention families

Little Yogi’s
Run by a trained yoga instructor and pediatric Speech Language Pathologist, this is a program that allows children to have an outlet to decompress from the week’s demands – all while moving and having fun! Focus is on enhancing your child’s flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness. Yoga has been shown to help children concentrate, relax, and self-regulate.
Lead Therapist: Carol Robinson, MA CCC-SLP/L

6 years

and up



We also offer Dyads as an introduction to socialization for children. The Dyad model pairs two children together in a social setting set up for success. This model is especially effective for children who cannot tolerate transition or change in their routine, or for children who have difficulty in large noisy environments.

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