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Infant Massage Instruction

Gift Certificates Available – call 312-458-9865 to inquire.

Infant massage class teaches parents the benefits and techniques of infant massage. Instruction booklet “Nurturing Touch” with illustrated techniques of the class is provided free of charge. Sessions taught by IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage) certified Infant Massage Instructor. Sessions can be given in the comfort and privacy of your own home or at the Learning Through Play™ Center located in the Lakeview area of Chicago.

Infant massage as taught by IAIM focuses on the benefits of “nurturing touch.” We teach massage strokes for a child’s face, hands, legs, chest, abdomen, and back but we also emphasize the bonding and attachment between a child and parent and help parents read their child’s subtle communication cues. The benefits of daily massage are amazing! Massage stimulates a baby’s growth and development. The physiological benefits include increasing body awareness, increasing an infant’s ability to integrate sensory input, and assisting to regulate heart and lung functions. Massage can help offer relief to a child’s discomfort of gas, colic, and congestion. It is a beautiful and tender way to facilitate sensorimotor development as well as attachment and communication skills. (Massage is especially helpful for premature babies or babies with special needs.)

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