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Feeding Therapy

Your child may benefit from group feeding therapy!!

Group feeding therapy is a fun way for children to improve their ability to enjoy trying new foods and learn to enjoy mealtime. The program is led by Speech Language Pathologists trained and certified in Beckman Oral Motor as well as SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) and assisted by Occupational Therapists. This group’s focus is on helping your child develop a positive perception of mealtime in a fun and relaxed setting while  increasing food repertoire and tolerance of different tastes and textures and decreasing tactile and oral aversions. This group encourages peer socialization as well as exploration of food. Home-based, individualized feeding therapy in addition to the group available upon request.

Do you have a picky Eater ?

Does your child…

  • Refuse certain textures of food?
  • Only eat crunchy foods?
  • Have difficult behaviors around mealtimes?
  • Prefer to graze throughout the day instead of attend to structured meals?
  • Gag or spit out food frequently?
  • Get upset/stressed out around mealtimes?
  • Avoid foods that will make them messy?
  • Only eats a limited quantity and variety of foods?
  • Has stopped eating foods that they ate in the past?
  • Have poor weight gain or weight loss?
  • Currently receive speech or occupational therapy for sensory or feeding issues? 

Lead Therapists:
Laura Henehan, MS CCC-SLP/L
Allison Albers, MA CCC-SLP/L

If you are interested in group feeding therapy, please call us for more information at 312-458-9865 or email us at

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