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Even though February has the fewest days, there was no shortage of fun with our themes including Sports, Valentines, 100th Day, and Construction!  We loved everything RedPinkOrange, and Gray and shapes like Footballs, Hearts, Ovals, and Clouds.

During Sports week, we talked about two big athletic events happening this month. The Superbowl and the Olympics! We made our very own Olympics by counting out the circles and matching the colors. Using the glitter was so much fun! We also continued our counting work with a graph using many different balls from sports like soccer, tennis, and baseball.

During Valentine’s week, we showed how much we like our classmates by making each other cards to fill our heart shaped envelopes! We loved using stamps and stickers to decorate our valentines and had lots of good social language practice by passing them out to our friends and teachers.

During 100th Day week, we learned about the very big number 100! Even though we don’t have group every day, we still were very excited to be 100 days bigger and smarter!

Construction week was really fun! We used the sensory bin to dig like bulldozers and excavators. We got to design our own types of construction vehicles using parts seen on big trucks like wheels, shovels, and cranes.


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