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Hello Friends of EB Pediatrics,

Danni here, program coordinator at Pyramid Early Learning Center.

This week for our pre-school therapeutic programing, we’re reading one of our favorite stories, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”.  If this book is not already part of your home library, we highly recommend it. It’s great for cause and effect, vocabulary words and relating concepts (broom-cleaning, straw-cup). The pictures are also very detailed to encourage your child to point to various actions and items.

I love to use language such as-

“The mouse is so small, where is the mouse?”

“The boy is giving the mouse something, what is the boy giving him?”

“What is the boy doing?”

Repetition is key when supporting your child in comprehension skills. Literacy supports speech and speech supports literacy!

These supplemental activities provided by the website “Growing Book by Book” would be lots of fun at home this week!

Happy reading and make some cookies while you’re at it!

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