Whether you would like to help your child maximize his potential, or your child has special needs and you're looking for professional advice, we're here for you. quotation mark

The Learning Through Play™ Center for Child Development is a community resource for parents of both typically and atypically developing children. Our mission is to provide family-friendly educational and therapeutic services to Chicago families.

Located in the Lakeview neighborhood, we offer playgroups, therapeutic group activities, and individualized therapy for children. Our behavior management program is unique! It combines principles of floor-time, clinical counseling, and ABA and incorporates a multidisciplinary team approach to fit each individual child's needs, whether simple behavior concerns or more significant issues and/or treatment for autism.

Our approach is global and multidisciplinary. Our staff members include developmental therapists, board-certified behavior therapists, licensed speech pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, board-certified art and music therapists, and licensed counselors. Many of our therapists are credentialed providers with the State of Illinois Early Intervention Program. 

Our staff is trained in various therapeutic and educational models including DIR/Floor timeABA, PECs, I-Pad apps and Augmentative Communication Devices, Interactive Metronome, and Therapeutic Listening. We encourage continuing education and provide opportunities to access new research and learn new intervention methods.

Our Family Programs and Pediatric Services


Play Groups / Camp Pediatric Therapy Family Training & Resources Educational Training & Resources

An alternative to typical preschool programs. Children are eased into a social environment for increased confidence to learn the skills important for future education.

Home-based or center-based pediatric therapy. We provide therapies and services based on modern intervention methods.

Free screening and consultations are available to families. Other resources include assessments, parent workshops, family counseling, and more. Free screening and consultations are available to schools. Other resources include assessments, teacher training, school aides, and more.
For more information on playgroups, please see our Learning Through Play™ section. For more information on other pediatric services, please visit our Therapy Services section. For more information on other family resources, please visit our Family Resources section. For more information on other school resources, please visit our Educational Resources section.


PYRAMID PreK Early Learning Center

This is a very exciting year for us as we are opening a unique preschool program in 2017!


PYRAMID PreK is located in Logan Square/Avondale neighborhood. Based on the child development pyramid, the program addresses the often neglected tier of sensory motor stability, which support upper tiers of fine motor, cognition, and social-emotional development. To keep students motivated and engaged, developmental and academic challenges are designed according to each child's abilities.

Multidisciplinary teaching strategies (e.g., DIR/Floor Time or ABA/Applied Behavior Analysis) and modalities such as Therapeutic Listening and Interactive Metronome are available to our enrolled students. Our program strives to help students develop the academic, social, and developmental skills necessary to be successful learners in typical elementary classroom settings.

Additional information and enrollment packets for the

2017 Summer and Fall programs are available now!