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Spring has finally sprung at Pyramid and we have been learning a lot through our different units over the last few months. Some of our themes included; Dr. SeussDinosaursSpring, and On the Farm.

In each unit we enjoyed learning a new movement song where we learned the words to sing along as well as physical movements to act out during the song. We got messy engaging in different types of sensory play, making things like slime, salt dough, and shaving cream paint. We were able to work as a group taking turns to measure out the ingredients then mix them together to make each type of texture. We used our sense of touch to learn how it feels, our sense of sight to see the way the ingredients changed as they mixed, and our words to talk about our exploration with each texture.

During our spring unit we got to decorate Easter eggs cut out of construction paper using different materials such as glitter, tissue paper, and marbles rolled in paint. Each child got to pick out the color egg they wanted and materials to create their own beautiful Easter egg!

We had fun during our on farm unit, pretending to be the different animals we see on the farm, learning how each animal moves, what they sound like, and what they look like. We enjoyed getting the animals muddy in the dirt and then getting them all clean using sponges with soapy water!


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