Specialty Workshops

A picky eater

Picky Eater ???

Does your child...

  • Refuse certain textures of food?
  • Only eat crunchy foods?
  • Have difficult behaviors around mealtimes?
  • Prefer to graze throughout the day instead of attend to structured meals?
  • Gag or spit out food frequently?
  • Get upset/stressed out around mealtimes?
  • Avoid foods that will make them messy?
  • Only eats a limited quantity and variety of foods?
  • Has stopped eating foods that they ate in the past?
  • Have poor weight gain or weight loss?
  • Currently receive speech or occupational therapy for sensory or feeding issues?

Your child may benefit from group feeding therapy!!

Group feeding therapy is a fun way for kids with difficulty tolerating various sensory and social aspects of eating to improve with their ability to tolerate and enjoy meal times. The goal of group feeding therapy is to introduce a variety of tastes and textures, increase a child's food repertoire, decrease tactile and oral aversions and make family mealtimes easier and more pleasurable. Group therapy is led by a speech pathologist and an occupational therapist, both of whom specialize in pediatric feeding disorders. It may be appropriate for children with sensory processing disorders, autism, developmental delays, down syndrome, GI issues, and more.

For more information, contact:

Erin Hedlin, MS, CCC-SLP/L
Premier Speech Therapy
Speech Therapist
312-339-7673 / ewhedlin@hotmail.com

Kim Lukecart, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist

773-272-2722 / kjlukecart@yahoo.com

Parent Support Group

Do you feel isolated or exhausted? YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Parent groups are a powerful outlet for support. Families who have children with special needs often experience emotions that need to be shared with those who understand their problem and provide a much needed outlet and a sense of community. Parents can share experiences, laugh together, brainstorm for solutions, and support each other.

Being able to talk openly with others in the same situation is often exactly the support you need. Our center offers parent groups that provide a dual role - parent support as well as educational resources. This type of group will give families opportunities to:

  • share information, ideas and resources
  • access support and advocacy
  • reinforce positive coping behaviors
  • refocus anger and emotion in positive ways
  • increase parenting skills
  • share experiences dealing with educational, medical and other service agencies
  • expand opportunities to relieve loneliness and form new friendships
  • access special topics and speakers

If you are interested in attending a parent support group, please call us for more information at 312-458-9865.

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