Pyramid PreK Early Learning Center

Strong Foundations for Successful Learning!


Does your child need extra support in a classroom setting?

Pyramid PreK offers a individualized approach based on each child's strengths and challenges. We offer a flexible curriculum, socialization program, and multidisciplinary

therapy available onsite.

PYRAMID PreK is located at 3048 North Milwaukee Ave in the Logan Square/Avondale neighborhood. 

Based on the child development pyramid, the program also addresses the often neglected tier of sensory motor stability, which support upper tiers of fine motor, cognition, and social-emotional development. To keep students motivated and engaged, developmental and academic challenges are designed according to each child's abilities.

Multidisciplinary teaching strategies (e.g., DIR/Floor Time or ABA/Applied Behavior Analysis) and modalities such as Therapeutic Listening and Interactive Metronome are available to our enrolled students. Our program strives to help students develop the academic, social, and developmental skills necessary to be successful learners in typical elementary classroom settings.

Additional information and enrollment packets for the

2017 Summer and Fall programs are available now!

Call us at (312) 458-9865