Pediatric Therapy and Family Services

Individual Therapy

Home-based or center-based pediatric therapy including speech therapy, occupational therapy, developmental therapy, and behavior therapy. We also provide family services such as developmental evaluations, family counseling and infant massage instruction (individual or group).

Global, Multidisciplinary Solutions for School Readiness

Our center offers a program individually tailored for each child that incorporates progressive steps to help children learn how to function in a dynamic setting. We do a thorough assessment of a child to determine what challenges are impacting the child's ability to function effectively and successfully with peers or in a structured classroom setting. We then address those challenges through specific multidisciplinary interactions. These interactions will be a mix of therapies that target the child's needs and include occupational therapy, music therapy, speech therapy, developmental therapy, behavior therapy, and therapeutic group activities.

We look very closely at a child's motor, sensory, perceptual-motor, and visual-spatial processing skills to determine if his physical development has impact on his ability to interact successfully within his environment and learn from his interactions. We help strengthen his foundational needs through physical activities, music, movement, and other therapeutic modalities. Once a child has a stable foundation for processing, we then gradually introduce opportunities for successful learning. Examples of typical family goals include helping a child interact successfully with peers, decrease negative behaviors (e.g., biting, tantrums), follow adult directions, and learn how to function successfully in a classroom.

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Developmental Therapy

Private developmental therapy sessions in your home or at the clinic for children 0-5 years. Our therapists are all Early Intervention credentialed providers who prioritize family-centered therapies and utilize Floor-time, ABA and behavioral therapy, music, art, and sensory strategies.

Developmental therapy is often provided through the Early Intervention program and we recommend that you contact them first (1-800-289-7990). However, if your child does not qualify for the state program (DHS/EI requires a greater than 30% delay for eligibility) or if you prefer to receive services privately, we provide both home-based and center-based developmental therapy sessions and will work with you on your specific concerns and your short-term goals for your child.

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Behavior Therapy

Board Certified Behavioral Therapists provide home-based or center-based behavioral therapy services using Verbal Behavior and language-based interventions and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) programs for children diagnosed with Autism and other developmental disabilities, comprehensive developmental evaluations, and parent/sibling training.

Learn more about Applied Behavioral Analysis.

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Speech Therapy

Licensed Speech and Language Pathologists provide an assessment of your child's speech and language development and treatment (home-based or center-based speech therapy services) to address speech disorders or delays in language skills (trouble understanding others or sharing thoughts, ideas, feelings, and needs), decreased articulation or delays in oral motor skills, aphasia, apraxia, feeding difficulties, and swallowing disorders.

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Family Counseling

Counseling and family therapy is provided by a trained and licensed counselor. Our counselors are clinically trained — licensed clinical social workers (LCSW) or licensed clinical professional counselors (LCPC) or board-certified behavior analysts (BCBA) — and come from several different training fields such as Family Counseling, Social Work, Art Therapy, or Movement Therapy.

  • Therapists and counselors can help families with the unique challenges facing parents who are raising a special needs child.
  • Social workers can help your family find local resources or assist you in placing your child in an appropriate school.
  • Professional counselors and family counselors can help families with communication problems or challenges that impact family relationships such as divorce or when a family member suffers from a mental or physical illness.
  • Art Therapists/Counselors can help you and your child find helpful and healthy ways to interact in the home to encourage emotional bonding and communication.
  • Counselors and Behavior Therapists can assist parents in how to address challenging or disruptive behaviors in the home or school.
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Infant Massage Instruction

Gift Certificates Available - call 312-458-9865 to inquire.

Infant massage class teaches parents the benefits and techniques of infant massage. Instruction booklet "Nurturing Touch" with illustrated techniques of the class is provided free of charge. Sessions taught by IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage) certified Infant Massage Instructor. Sessions can be given in the comfort and privacy of your own home or at the Learning Through Play™ Center located in the Lakeview area of Chicago.

Infant massage as taught by IAIM focuses on the benefits of "nurturing touch." We teach massage strokes for a child's face, hands, legs, chest, abdomen, and back but we also emphasize the bonding and attachment between a child and parent and help parents read their child's subtle communication cues. The benefits of daily massage are amazing! Massage stimulates a baby's growth and development. The physiological benefits include increasing body awareness, increasing an infant's ability to integrate sensory input, and assisting to regulate heart and lung functions. Massage can help offer relief to a child's discomfort of gas, colic, and congestion. It is a beautiful and tender way to facilitate sensorimotor development as well as attachment and communication skills. (Massage is especially helpful for premature babies or babies with special needs.)

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Evaluations / Assessments

Global Developmental Evaluation

A comprehensive global evaluation assessing cognitive, language, motor, social-emotional development using a universally accepted and recognized curriculum-based tool (Hawaii Early Learning Profile) is conducted by a credentialed Developmental Therapist and includes detailed report and recommendations.

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Child Needs Assessment

The Child Needs Assessment is a consultation with a Developmental Therapist to discuss your concerns, assess your child's play preferences, identify areas of strengths/needs, and provide specific recommendations to meet your goals.

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Find help with your specific concerns, such as feeding, sleep, or behavioral issues. Our licensed clinical professional counselors and therapists are experienced in child and family counseling and in providing effective strategies for you to use in the home.

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