Financial Resources and Links for Families

The ARC of Illinois presents: Technology Assistance

  • Program will fund, or partially fund, the purchase of assistive technology for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Maximum is $500 per person or family.

AutismCares – Family Support Awards

  • Awards grants of up to $1,500 for families facing crisis.

Celebrate Differences

  • Provides academic scholarships to individuals with disabilities and siblings/peers residing in the state of Illinois.

Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)

  • Five awards to enable people with disabilities to gain access to technologies which advance independence.

UIC Specialized Care for Children

  • Care coordinators who help families gain access to special services regardless of income. Services include (but are not limited to): accessing free diagnostic tests, finding specialized medical care, using insurance and All Kids/Medicaid, finding resources and information, developing a care coordination plan, communicating with doctors, school and specialists, preparing for transition. Financial assistance available based on income guidelines. Assistance available for specialized medical treatment such as surgery, medication, therapy, wheelchairs and hearing aids.

UnitedHealthCare Children's Fund

  • Offers medical grants to families with young children who need access to medical services (therapy or costly procedures) but are either not fully covered or not covered at all through their commercial insurance plans (BCBS, UHC, Aetna, etc. DOES NOT include Medicaid) The grant offers up to $5,000 annually per child ($10,000 lifetime). Families do not need to be insured by United.


PUNS - Prioritization of Unmet Need for Services

In 2003, the Illinois General Assembly created a cross-disability database or waiting list for services for people with disabilities in Illinois. The State now collects information from families using a survey tool called the Prioritization of Urgency of Need for Service (PUNS). The PUNS is for anyone anticipating the need for services in the next five years.


How to get listed on the PUNS?

Call your local Pre-Admission Screening (PAS) Agency (or "ISC Agency"). They must fill out the survey for you with your input. You can identify your PAS agency on the web at or see the list at the bottom of this document.

Your PAS agency representative will make an appointment to meet with you, either in your home or in their office. We are also working with PAS agencies to set up convenient "PUNS registration events" on weekends or at night. The process of filling out the form involves a face-to face conversation between the PAS agent and the person with a disability, a family member or a guardian, and any other person the individual with a disability wishes to include. The survey represents the combined perception of all these parties.

The PUNS survey must be updated on an annual basis. After twelve months, a notice should be issued to all parties of the need to update the form. If not updated, an additional warning will be submitted of the intent to close the PUNS record.

Also, please remember that inclusion in the database does not assume eligibility for services or guarantee the receipt of services.

Just what are Pre-Admission Screening agencies and what do they do?

Pre-Admission Screening (PAS) is really a service that is provided by Independent Service Coordination (ISC) Agencies. Eighteen such agencies are located around the state for easy access. You do not get to choose which agency you want to use. You must use the one in your geographic area. Pre-Admission Screening is a process through which eligibility for certain state-funded services is determined. Independent Service Coordination Agencies can help connect individuals with disabilities to services for which they have been determined eligible. They can also connect you to other helpful services. Independent Service Coordination Agencies are the backbone of the service system as they provide choices and options to people and their families as they access the maze of services.

Service Coordination Agencies (aka "PAS agencies")

Find which is yours by typing in your county and "Developmental Disabilities" here:


Options & Advocacy of McHenry Country 815-477-4720
Pact, Inc, Lombard 800-637-7181
Suburban Access, Homewood 708-799-9190
Service, Inc., Joliet 815-741-0800
DayOneNetwork, Batavia 630-879-2277
Community Service Options, Chicago 773-884-1000
Community Alternatives Unlimited, Chicago 773-867-4000
Access Services Northern IL, Loves Park 815-282-8824
Community Service Options, Moline 309-278-0022
Western IL Service Coordination, Macomb 309-833-1621
Central IL Service Access, Pekin 309-527-7202
Livingston Co. 708 Board, Pontiac 815-844-7708
Champaign Co. Regional Planning, Urbana 217-328-3313
D.D. Service Metro East, Belleville 618-236-7957
West Central Service Coordination, Pittsfield 217-285-5227
Prairieland Service Coordination, Decatur 217-864-0494
Great River Service Coordination, Jacksonville 217-243-2330
Southern IL Case Coordination, Centralia 800-828-7422


Call them TODAY and get listed.

Who knows, you may even find that you are eligible for existing services. Even if you are not, the State needs to know that we are out there and in need of help.

Adapted from Family Support Network