Introduction to Preschool Program

The center offers classes and services tailored for children with varying needs. Our students range from children who are typically developing but need just a little support to children with behavioral and/or sensory challenges, social challenges (such as circle time, sharing, and following directions), diagnosis of autism or autism-related deficits, or other diagnoses and related special needs.

Limited Space Available - Maximum of 6 children per class. We provide a free initial consultation for families to determine family priorities and concerns. A global assessment of child's developmental and academic readiness is recommended prior to admission.

Please contact us as soon as possible to reserve a space for your child.

The program is designed to prepare the student for successful integration into his/her local preschool or elementary school system. Using multidisciplinary teaching strategies (e.g., DIR/Floor Time or ABA/Applied Behavior Analysis), our program strives to help students develop the skills necessary to be successful learners in typical elementary classroom settings.


Playgroups + Classes


Our therapeutic classes and playgroups were designed to help children experience separation in a gentle, supportive manner so that they can feel comfortable, have fun, and begin to learn skills in a group classroom setting — we feel that a fun and relaxed environment promotes most effective development.

Our program is unique in that these are very small and intensive classes (6 children maximum) taught by credentialed therapists with a 1-2 teacher/child ratio.


The groups are based on developmental progress rather than chronological age. Our teachers and therapists focus on helping children organize, attend to verbal cues, and participate in structured activities for improving skills in communication, socialization, creativity & self-expression, rhythm & movement. The classes are particularly helpful for children who may still be learning language skills or have difficulty socializing with their peers.

Fun play activities including imaginative play, art, movement, and music teach children functional communication skills, social skills, sensory organization and attention. Activities are designed and taught by experienced Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Developmental Therapists, Music Therapists, Licensed Counselors and Art Therapists.


Structured to help children function well in a classroom setting
Our classes use specific strategies to help children transition easily from one activity to the next while remaining calm and focused.

The ability to transition easily from one activity to the next helps to increase a child's sense of comfort and security in the classroom, so they can focus externally and learn more effectively from their environment.

We are also offering Dyads as an introduction to socialization for children. The Dyad model pairs two children together in a social setting set up for success. This model is especially effective for children who cannot tolerate transition or change in their routine, or for children who have difficulty in large noisy environments.

Parents are welcome to join in with their child, ask questions at any time, browse through the resource library, or chat with other parents.

Class Offerings

Strictly Speech!

  • Licensed Speech and Language Pathologists will be assisted by Child Development Specialists who provide a language based therapy group focusing on building language through natural interacions and experiences with the therapists and their peers. This will help promote communication, language, motor and social-emotional development using play and music. This group is appropriate for children with speech disorders (difficulty pronouncing sounds) or language delays (trouble understanding or sharing thoughts, ideas, feelings and needs).


Sensory Motor Preschool Readiness Playgroup!

  • Do you have a child soon to be aging out of Early Intervention? Are you worried about the transition between now and their first day in a public or private school system?             
  • This playgroup focuses on preschool readiness goals outlined by the State of Illinois, which articulates expectations of children's progress across the five essentials domains of child development and early learning that will improve a child's readiness for preschool and kindergarten. This playgroup will intensely focus on promoting communication, language, motor and social-emotional development using play and music. This group will include fun group activities, such as motor play, singing, and creative toys. The fun activities are imbedded with specific strategies (i.e. visual scheduling and verbal cues) to help children transition easily from one activity to the next while remaining calm and focused.


Picky Eating?

  • Group feeding therapy is a fun way for children to improve their ability to enjoy and tolerate meal times. Our speech therapist and occupational therapist specialize in pediatric feeding disorders. They intend to develop a child's perception of mealtime by introducing a variety of tastes/textures, increasing a child's food repertoire, decreasing tactile and oral aversions. This playgroup will make family mealtimes easier and more pleasurable.    Click here to learn more about our Feeding Group.


Playgroup Schedule and Cost

Please contact us at 312-458-9865 or for additional information on class schedule and cost.

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Private Insurance may be accepted. Please contact us at 312-458-9865 for further information.

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