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Pediatric Therapy

Home-based or center-based pediatric therapy including speech therapy, occupational therapy, developmental therapy, behavior therapy, and physical therapy. We collaborate with music therapists and art therapists. We also provide family services such as developmental evaluations, family counselingand infant massage instruction (individual or group).

Our therapists are trained in various therapeutic and educational models including DIR/Floor time, ABA, Play Therapy, PECs, augmentative communication, sensory integration, interactive metronome, and theraputic listening. We encourage continuing education and provide opportunities to access new research and learn new intervention methods.

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Speech Therapy

Licensed Speech and Language Pathologists provide an assessment of your child's speech and language development and treatment (home-based or center-based speech therapy services) to address speech disorders or delays in language skills (trouble understanding others or sharing thoughts, ideas, feelings, and needs), decreased articulation or delays in oral motor skills, aphasia, apraxia, feeding difficulties, and swallowing disorders.

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Occupational Therapy

The occupational therapists at Learning through Play Center specialize in pediatrics and have extensive experience working with children in the areas of motor development and sensory integration. Our OTs will assess your child’s needs and provide individualized intervention based on parent/teacher goals. Our OTs have experience working with motor apraxia, sensory dysfunction, oral motor/feeding, bilateral motor coordination, visual motor integration, and other motor disorders. In addition, all of our therapists integrate up-to-date research and clinical skills to assist a child achieve skills to his/her highest potential. Our sessions are play-based and we also utilize various modalities based on what will work best with the child—our OTs are trained in the principles of DIR/Floortime, NDT, Sensory Integration, Interactive Metronome, and Therapeutic Listening.

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Developmental Therapy

Private developmental therapy sessions in your home or at the clinic for children 0-5 years. Our therapists are all Early Intervention credentialed providers who prioritize family-centered therapies and utilize Floor-time, ABA and behavioral therapy, music, art, and sensory strategies.

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NOTE:  Developmental therapy is often provided through the Early Intervention program and we recommend that you contact them first (1-800-289-7990). However, if your child does not qualify for the state program (DHS/EI requires a greater than 30% delay for eligibility) or if you prefer to receive services privately, we provide both home-based and center-based developmental therapy sessions and will work with you on your specific concerns and your short-term goals for your child.

Behavioral Therapy

Board Certified Behavioral Therapists provide home-based or center-based behavioral therapy services using Verbal Behavior and language-based interventions and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) programs for children diagnosed with Autism and other developmental disabilities, comprehensive developmental evaluations, and parent/sibling training.

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Music Therapy

Board-certified Music Therapists provide individual home-based music therapy or therapeutic center-based group sessions intended to provide a fun and positive outlet that promotes success and confidence. Music therapy interventions incorporate a variety of modalities to increase a child's self-awareness, readiness skills, coping skills, language, and social behavior. Music therapy playgroup involves children in singing, listening, playing with others and imitating words and gestures, and moving within their environment with confidence.

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Art Therapy

Board-certified Art Therapists provide individual home-based art therapy or therapeutic center-based group sessions intended to help children calm and self-soothe, increase attention span and fine motor skills, share tools and communicate with others, reduce impulsivity, and gain self-esteem through creativity. Art Therapists (ATR/LCPC) are skilled in the application of a variety of art modalities (drawing, painting, sculpture, and other media) for assessment and treatment. Art therapy playgroup involves children in creative art activities in a structured yet social setting for building social skills, communication skills, and increased confidence and self-esteem.

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